Interview to Roger Sánchez from UOC

UOC interview Roger Sánchez with the headline: "It is essential for the primary sector to embrace technology because it needs it to increase competitiveness and efficiency."


7/21/20231 min lesen

MooFind is a new technological tool for smart grazing that allows livestock farmers to know the location of their animals in real time and promotes animal welfare and the sustainability of fields. It is one of the finalist projects of SpinUOC 2023, an initiative of our university that promotes innovation, knowledge transfer, and entrepreneurship.

One of the creators is Roger Sánchez. He is 30 years old, lives in Frankfurt (Germany), and before founding MooFind, he studied a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Law, as well as a postgraduate degree in Social Economy. He has worked at Deloitte and CaixaBank and is currently an operations analyst at Solaris. He has also attended our university, as he completed the Master's degree in Financial Management