MooFind: Satellite Smart Grazing that Improves Livestock Competitiveness and Preserves Biodiversity

Innova Spain talk about Moofind in the following article


8/21/20231 min read

MooFind is a new smart grazing technology tool that allows livestock farmers to know the location of their cattle in real time while promoting animal welfare and the sustainability of fields. It is one of the finalist projects of SpinUOC 2023, the initiative of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya that promotes innovation, knowledge transfer, and entrepreneurship.

One of its creators is Roger Sánchez, who currently works in Berlin as an operations analyst at the fintech Solaris. The entrepreneur speaks to Innovaspain from the German capital, where he multiplies his working hours. "In addition to my day-to-day tasks at Solaris—which has become a unicorn in just five years—I have to add those of MooFind, especially on weekends.