Moofind Wins Copernicus Lithuania

Moofind was appointed winner of the Copernicus Regional Prize Lithuania organized by AZO. Copernicus Masters is an international competition recognizing outstanding ideas, applications, and business concepts that use Earth observation data for commercial purposes, environmental protection, or disaster management.


8/20/20211 min read

Grazing is a fundamental part of keeping livestock healthy. At the same time, the overgrazing of cattle has a huge impact on fields because it deteriorates soil health, which in turn affects the environment as a whole. MooFind aims to keep both cattle and fields healthy. It is based on a user-friendly system that combines a collar worn by cattle with remote sensing data to monitor the animals’ health while improving livestock and field management.

Using Copernicus data, MooFind’s smart grazing system is designed to identify where healthy and nutritious pastures for cattle can be found. This guarantees that pasturing practices will not degrade the environment. Farmers also gain real-time information on each animal on the platform and the ability to select the best areas for their cattle to graze.